The Most Magical Greenhouses


Also referred to as a glasshouse, chances are you might have heard about a greenhouse before. These perfectly designed structures are built and designed for the protection of plants that grow out of season but want to be grown all year round. It is also perfect for the sustainability and growth of tender plants that are vulnerable to either excessive heat or cold.

Over the years, greenhouses have evolved immensely and have been upgraded from its first version in the 17th century, being ordinary built with brick structures or timber-like shelters, to a complete glass structure that allowed for proper forms of heating that evolved into roofed, as well as wall-structures that are built with the minimal wooden or metal skeleton. In the 19th century, greenhouses even evolved into a climate-controlled refuge for all types of plant species and with ever-growing technologies, who knows what greenhouses might do in the future.

The Top Greenhouses in the World

The New York Botanical Garden

As one of the most beautiful sites in New York and definitely considered a must-see as a tourist destination, the New York Botanical Garden is considered to have one of the best greenhouses in the world. Along with many gardens, this conservative area is divided into several biomes that are filled with many different plant species. Definitely a must-see.

Walt Disney World

Want to view a greenhouse with a major informative structure and set up? Visit the Walt Disney World Greenhouses which are all kid-friendly and a great outing for the family. Situated in Florida, this park houses many different greenhouses which include the Temperate Greenhouse, the Tropics Greenhouse, as well as the Creative Greenhouse and Production Greenhouse. These sites also include 59-foot Mickey Mouse-shaped pumpkins and tall peach palms and sweet potatoes that grow without soil. Yes, you heard correctly. An adventure awaits!

disney world

Eden Project

Situated over the Atlantic Ocean in the UK, this greenhouse includes a form of horticultural attraction that grows out of a quarry. Open since 2001, this greenhouse is another one for the books and allows for a great adventure. It features the Rainforest Biome and is kept at 90% humidity, with a temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit. This biome is higher than 50 metres tall, growing taller than the Statue of Liberty and stimulates a somewhat jungle feel that includes more than 1,000 different plant species.

City Winter Garden

Situated in the capital of Finland, Helsinki, this wondrous oasis stays green, even through the winter. It houses over 200 different plant species, all together in three unique rooms that include the palm room, the Western room, as well as a room specifically dedicated to housing cacti and various other desert plants.