List of Most Popular Flowers to Grow in a Greenhouse


The greenhouse has many benefits. By having a warmer environment, you can grow flowering plants all through the year. The temperature of the greenhouse is made warmer by structuring the roof and the walls of the greenhouse with a transparent glass which traps all the heat from the sun in the greenhouse itself. The benefit of having a greenhouse is that you will be able to have flowering plants all through the year in every season. There are many botanical gardens which have a greenhouse to sustain the growth of the flowering plants so that the flowers are present in every season. Many tourist places which are located in cold hilly regions have a greenhouse to grow flowers so that whenever the tourists visit the garden, they will find flowers.

Amazon lilies

The following are some of the traditional flowers to grow in a greenhouse:

  • Amazon lilies.
  • Chinese Hibiscus.
  •  Roses.
  •  Orchids.

Amazon lilies:

The Amazon lilies are gorgeous and have a great fragrance that spreads across the room. These lilies grow up to two feet in height, and the fragrance fills up the greenhouse. The Amazon lilies need about 70 degrees to grow and bear flowers. Being a tropical plant, it needs high temperature to grow, and the greenhouse provides the exact temperature for the growth of the plant. These plans should not be over watered, and it must be kept in sunlight for about 8 hours a day. If you are not able to provide sunlight to the plants, then you need to provide artificial light to the plant so that it can grow better.

Chinese Hibiscus:

The Chinese Hibiscus are very colorful, and with the slightest drop in the temperature, the plants can get destroyed. So, you need to maintain these plants in a place which has a warm temperature which is maintained at all times. The plant produces brightly colored flowers, and though the Chinese Hibiscus may look very pretty, the flowers may last only for a day or two. You also need to provide a good nutritious soil for the Chinese Hibiscus to grow well.


Roses are one of the flowers which are loved by everyone. It is very attractive and has an excellent fragrance which spreads all over the greenhouse. Unfortunately, the rose plants do not grow well in cold climate. So, you need to keep these in the greenhouse if you want rose flowers during the winter. A good amount of sunlight is required so if you are in a place which does not provide much sunlight then you can artificially provide sunlight thought a bulb or some other light source.


Orchids are very delicate to any change in the climate. Colder climate can damage the plant and also too much warmth can destroy the plant. They need a moderate climate so even if you keep the plant inside the greenhouse you need to make sure that you maintain an optimum temperature. They need to be kept at 70 degrees, and the plants can bear a maximum temperature of 80 degrees.