Greenhouse effect


The ‘greenhouse effect’ is an atmospheric heating phenomenon in which the Earth encounters a rise in temperature in light of the fact that specific gases (water vapor, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane) in the atmosphere let incoming sunlight to go through and trap the warmth transmitted from the earth’s surface. In the event that these gases wouldn’t be trapped warm in the atmosphere, the temperature of the earth would be around 33 degrees centigrade colder. As these gases warm our planet, they are called as greenhouse gases and the effect they leave in the atmosphere is called as greenhouse effect. At the point when the thermal radiation (or heat) arrives from the sun, some of it is reflected back from the surface of the Earth by the ozone layer (which is the reason we can safely stay out in the sun, is this keeps the most hazardous radiation from the sun entering the atmosphere), leaving just some heat to endure to warm the Earth. This heat at that point ascends back through the atmosphere, however its majority gets caught by the greenhouse gases, which makes it stay in the Earth’s atmosphere and leaves Earth warm and suitable for life.


The greenhouse effect plays a major role in keeping the earth warm, without which Earth would become cold and not suitable for existence of human life. The greenhouse effect is a natural process that is hundreds of centuries old. It assumes a basic part in controlling the general temperature of the Earth. The greenhouse effect was first found by Joseph Fourier out of 1827, tentatively confirmed by John Tyndall in 1861, and experimented by Svante Arrhenius in 1896.

In spite of the fact that the greenhouse effect is a natural phenomenon and is one reason that life can exist on Earth (as greenhouse gases keep the surface of the Earth sufficiently warm for us to live here: without them the Earth would be around 33 degrees centigrade colder on average), the greenhouse effect is getting worse causing problems for life on earth. This is having effects that are causing issues, such as, global warming, where the average temperature of the Earth is consistently ascending throughout the years. Some of the cause for this are-

  • Excessive usage and burning of fossil fuels release carbon into the earth’s atmosphere which has been otherwise stored in different forms in earth.
  • Excessive farming or using unsustainable methods in farming to increase the crop for extra profits and to meet the ever increasing demand.
  • Large scale deforestation and cutting down of some of the biggest forests on earth cause an imbalance in the earth’s atmosphere.
  • Rise in population resulted in excessive use of different resources such as fuel, gas, transport, house, etc.